Recital Details and FAQs:

Where: Lone Star College – Tomball (Performing Arts Center)

Address: 30555 Tomball Pkwy. Tomball, TX 77375

Date: May 9th, 2020.

Time: Please clear your entire day as The Dance Vault holds the stage rehearsal the morning of the recital (dancer check-in could be as early as 8:00am). A detailed schedule will be provided closer to the date of the show.

Why are fee(s) due October 25th? In order to secure the funds to reserve the venue and planning purposes.

What classes are included in recital? All stylized classes (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Jazz/Contemporary, Funky Jazz, Musical Theatre). Acro and classes that solely focus on technique progressions (ie: “dance tricks” like kicks, leaps, and turns) will NOT participate in recital. We will only post the recital fee if your dancer is enrolled in the applicable class. Please contact us immediately if you see any discrepancies.

How much is the recital fee? $75 per dancer

What if I don't have a recital fee(s) posted to my account? Then your dancer is not enrolled in a non-technical class. If you believe there is an error contact us immediately.

What if my dancer does not wish to participate in recital? Written or email notification is required prior to October 25th. (

More details about recital (can also be found in your registration form):

Recital Fee of $75 (per student) will be due on October 25th, 2019 or on the 25th of the month (or upcoming month if applicable) of registration, whichever is later. Your Recital Fee covers, but not limited to: Two standard tickets,1 Recital T-Shirt per dancer,1 participation trophy/medal per dancer, facility rental, dressing rooms, sound equipment, music editing, theater director, backstage crew, dance staff, sound & lighting technicians, backdrops, and program printing.   

Recital are non-refundable & non-transferable.
Acro & technique progressions classes do not participate in recital.
Summer camps and classes do not participate in recital.
Drop- in dancers do not participate in recital.


Recital Costume Details and FAQs:

When is the recital costume fee due? Recital costume fees are due November 25th,2019. If your dancer enrolled after November 25th, 2019 then it will be due on the 25th of the month of enrollment or next month (if applicable).

How much is the recital costume fee? Code 1 classes: Recital costume fee of $75+tax ($80.44 total) (per non-technique class). Competitive level classes such as: Code Breaker,Code 7 and 17 classes fees will be posted at later date TBD and will vary per class.

 Are there any discounts for families that have recital costumes due for multiple classes and/or have multiple dancers? Yes, new to the 2019-2020 season the Recital Costume Fee reduces to $60+tax after the first applicable class. Each additional dancer is $60+tax for all applicable classes.

 I have multiple dancers or my dancer is in more than 1 class, may I spread the recital costume fees over 2 months? Dancers enrolled in class prior to December 1st and in more than 1 class may request to spread the recital costume fees over 2 months to help budget for dance. Email request must be sent to at least 1 business day prior to the recital costume(s) fee due date.

Why are Recital Costume fee(s) due November 25th? To secure the funds to let our staff plan on what dance costumes they can budget to order. We also take measurements and place orders for recital costumes well in advance to ensure everyone's dance costume arrives in time for recital. Many dance studios order at the same time and popular dance costumes can be back-ordered several months.

What classes are included in recital? All non-technical classes. For instance, Leaps & Turns class is considered a technical class and Beginning Ballet is a "non-technical class". We will only post a recital costume fee if your dancer is enrolled in the applicable non-technical class. If you notice a fee is posted for a technical class or have any questions please email

What if my dancer transfers to another class? A new recital costume fee may be due for that class on the 25th of the month of transfer or the next (if applicable).

What if my dancer does not wish to participate in recital anymore? Email notification to is required at least 1 business day prior to the recital costume fee due date.


If you have any questions or issues, please let us know!

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